After he was reported missing this past Thursday in western Pennsylvania, 7-week-old infant Ambrose Klingensmith was found safe Tuesday.

Authorities found the infant in Marshall County, Tennessee, after receiving a tip related to the case. Klingensmith was found with another child, Makias Palmer, 3, and both have been taken to the hospital. Klingensmith will remain in the custody of local child welfare services, CBS Pittsburgh reports, until they are taken into custody by the Alleghany County Child, Youth and Families services.

Klingensmith had been taken from a children’s hospital by his parents while he was awaiting evaluation for stomach injuries and bruises, which may have been consistent with child abuse.

The parents, Daemon Klingensmith, 23, and Jeannette Funnen, 32, were believed to have been driving to Florida with the children. The two are currently being held in custody while they await extradition. They face charges of child endangerment, obstruction, and retaliation.

“I think they have an idea in their head that the kids are going to be taken away from them, and they’re never going to see them again,” Kimberly Klingensmith, the mother of Daemon Klingensmith, said when her grandson initially went missing.

Funnen’s history was of particular concern to the police and Klingensmith’s extended family. In the past, she had attempted suicide during two previous pregnancies and lost custody of two children.

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