In the midst of the ongoing investigation regarding the whereabouts of Jennifer Dulos, Fotis Dulos, Jennifer's estranged husband, has opted to give a new interview. In doing so, he shared a bit more about his marriage leading up to the New Canaan resident's May 24 disapperance.

According to CBS New York, he revealed to the the Greek publication Proto Thema that his marriage began to deteriorate in 2010, which was long before the mother of five went missing.

"Jennifer gradually began to take me out of her life and become increasingly distant, a hermit," Fotis said, adding, "I'm sorry to say it, but Jennifer was suffering from serious psychological problems that I didn't immediately understand."

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Leading up to this interview, Fotis' attorney Norm Patits had been fighting a gag order that prohibited his client from speaking out about anything pertaining to "the character... of a party, victim, or witness." Pattis stated that Fotis' participation in the interview did not violate the gag order. However, it remains to be seen if the state's attorney will argue otherwise.

Due to the far-reaching nature of the particular order, Pattis stated that Fotis continues to face hurdles when it comes to defending himself, even though he has not been formally charged with any crime resulting in Jennifer's disapperance. Thus, Pattis is requesting that the case go to the Connecticut Supreme Court for an appeal.

"Our appellate courts have yet to address the appropriate legal standard for imposing a gag order; accordingly, hearing this appeal would provide guidance to the trial bench on the law that applies," Robert Scheinblum, senior assistant to the state's attorney, stated.

As for Fotis' one-time girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, she invoked the Fifth Amendment during a recent 45-minute deposition surrounding her knowledge of Fore Group's finances, reports the Stamford Advocate. This resulted in an attorney representing Jennifer's mother, Gloria Farber, asking a judge to order that Michelle Troconis provide information on Fotis Dulos' business dealings.

At this time, both Fotis and Michelle Troconis have been charged with evidence tampering and hindering prosecution. Fotis is expected to return to court in Stamford on Friday.

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