On Dec. 12, Heidi Broussard and her newborn daughter, Margot Carey, went missing. Following an extensive investigation, law enforcement recovered her body in the trunk of a car at a home near Houston. Margot was also found inside the residence and was seemingly unharmed.

After the discovery, Magen Fieramusca was charged with kidnapping and tampering with a corpse. Now, Criminal Defense Attorney Bob Bianchi has shed some light on what he believes Fieramusca's future could hold.

According to Fox News, he believes the suspect could be faced with the death penalty if she is charged with murder down the road.

Due to the fact that Broussard and Fieramusca had reportedly been friends since they were children, the attorney stated that prosecutors will take their history "into consideration."

"... When you’re looking at a decision as to whether to make this a death penalty case, 'Should she be charged with murder because she [Broussard] was vulnerable?' ... because there was a friendship that was there," he stated. He then added, "She [Fieramusca] took advantage of her … she plotted this for a significant period of time. These are all aggravating factors that would lead towards higher charges and higher sentencing."

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After identifying the suspect, Heidi's mom, Tammy Broussard, told ABC 13 that she had always had a strange feeling about Fieramusca.

"... the thing is, I was uneasy with her, and I had (been) from the beginning of her friendship with Heidi," she said. She later added, "She was supposedly Heidi's friend for a long time. Heidi had so many friends. Everybody loved her. We thought Magen loved her too. But evidently that wasn't the case. She wanted Margot, is what she wanted."

Magen Fieramusca is currently in custody and has a bond set at $600,000.

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