The 14-year-old girl, Isabel Shae Hicks, who was missing since Oct.21 was rescued by the police on Wednesday in Caroline County, Virginia.

Hicks was last seen in her home in Bumpass, about 40 miles north of Richmond, before she went missing.

The Louisa County Sheriff’s office said officers stopped a vehicle in which the girl was traveling with Bruce Lynch, 34, “after a pursuit” late Wednesday in Caroline County. Though the police had earlier feared that Hicks could be in extreme danger, the authorities reported that she appeared “unharmed” when she was found. Lynch was taken into police custody.

Lynch and Hicks were spotted by an eyewitness in Hanover County on Monday. The police said Lynch had concealed his appearance by shaving his beard and was wearing new clothing when he was seen with Hicks.

Authorities previously said Lynch was known to the girl, but declined to discuss their relationship.

Virginia State Police canceled an Amber Alert issued last week when the girl went missing.

Virginia State Police in a statement Wednesday said, "Miss Hicks has been safely located and Lynch taken into custody. The Louisa County Sheriff's Office will provide an update shortly ... please be patient, as they're still in the midst of the investigation and arrest."

The investigators had said on Monday that there was no evidence to confirm the teenager was abducted.

Police At The Crime Scene
In this photo, police officers stand guard at the crime scene Getty Images / Darren Hauck