• Ksenia Ptichkina was last seen alive on May 20
  • Her remains were found in the sewer of her boyfriend's apartment complex
  • The suspect admitted to killing the woman

Communal service workers in the southern Russian city of Kemerovo tending to a sewer Monday made a gruesome discovery -- the dismembered body of a young woman blocking the drainage system.

The remains were determined to be those of Ksenia Ptichkina, 21, who was reported missing last week. Police have arrested the boyfriend of the woman after he confessed to killing her, Latintimes reported.

The suspect, whose name wasn't revealed due to legal reasons knifed his girlfriend to death, chopped up her body, and flushed the severed remains down the toilet. Ptichkina's remains were found in the sewer of the apartment complex where her boyfriend lived. The communal workers informed the police immediately after making the grim discovery.

A DNA test performed using skin and hair samples taken from the remains confirmed that it was Ptichkina's, reported.

Ptichkina was last spotted leaving her home on May 20. Her family grew worried after she didn’t return home later that day and never answered their texts and calls, according to the outlet. Police launched a search operation for the woman after the girl's family informed them.

Police haven’t yet released the motive for the murder. The suspect can face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

In September 2020, a Kentucky man was arrested after his family members found the dismembered body parts in his luggage and informed authorities. The suspect, Melvin Martin Jr. went to his relatives' home in Markham, Illinois where they became suspicious upon noticing a foul odor coming from his bag and opened it when he left the home to visit a local library. The relatives were shocked to discover the human remains in the bag.

Representation. A knife. Pixabay