A Mississippi lawmaker found himself behind bars after an evening with his wife allegedly took a violent turn.

The incident reportedly occurred Saturday night when state Rep. Doug McLeod was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence after punching his wife. The couple was at home together with McLeod drinking consistently during the night.

As the evening went on, McLeod reportedly expressed that he wanted to have sex and started getting undressed. However, he began getting frustrated because his wife wasn’t getting undressed quickly enough, so McLeod punched her in the face. Police were called promptly after the allegedly assault.

When police arrived, McLeod was reportedly visibly drunk and holding a glass of alcohol.

“Mr. McLeod had slurred speech and walked slow in a zigzag pattern,” deputies on the scene said.

After being told he was under arrest for domestic violence, McLeod allegedly snapped back and began verbally berating the officers. They did, however, find his wife with a bloody nose and blood on their bed and bedroom floor. Two women were also standing at the top of a stairwell, visibly frightened by the scene.

According to witnesses, McLeod’s wife ran into another room where a woman was present, who promptly locked the door. McLeod then came up to the door and began banging on it. He then yelled that he would “kill her ****ing dog” if she didn’t open the door.

“I have attempted to contact Rep. McLeod to request his resignation if, in fact, these allegations are true,” Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn said in a statement on Tuesday. “These actions are unacceptable for anyone.”

George County Sheriff Keith Harvard told media that the investigation is ongoing.

Police Scene
Representational image of a crime scene. Suzanne Cordiero/AFP/Getty Images