Is it just us or is it pretty obvious who Luca’s (Noam Jenkins) killer is? Despite Calista (Jennifer Esposito) owning up to her husband’s gruesome murder (to free Joss [Jes Macallan] of being held accountable for the crime), we think we know who really slayed the conniving character during the Season 3 episode of “Mistresses”: Wilson (Jarod Joseph).

Hear us out! It was revealed in a previous installment that Wilson, who is the fashion mogul’s devoted assistant, had a much more intimate relationship with his boss than we had originally suspected. (This is the first clue that would make him a prime suspect in Luca’s murder case – if the police even knew about the affair. There’s nothing more suspicious than a mistress, right?)

The two had formed a romance after Calista had suspected her long-time husband of cheating on her, which is when she used Wilson as an emotional crutch. But it was their secretive rendezvous that eventually came back to haunt her. In episode 7, Luca (who was still alive at the time) threatened to take his well-off wife for all that she was worth by exposing her affair. But how exactly was he going to do that? According to the money hungry mooch, he had evidence that proved Calista had slept with her assistant.

When Joss learned of the romance between her friend and Wilson, she questioned Calista why she never divulged the juicy information. “Because it’s embarrassing. I know what a huge hypocrite that makes me look like. And I didn’t want it to affect the way you see me,” the designer said sullenly.

So what exactly would Wilson’s motive be to kill Luca? Well, Calista had explained to Joss that Wilson was head-over-heels for her. “Wilson loves me,” she stated, elaborating why she slept with him. “More than my husband ever did.” So perhaps he became full of rage when Calista broke things off with him in episode 5 to fix her relationship with her husband.

It's also possible that Wilson took Luca out when he caught wind that Calista's husband was planning of draining his love of her wealth. We also theorized that another reason Wilson looks guilty is because Calista has remained suspiciously quiet about what she was doing the night Luca was murdered. Initially she paid someone off to corroborate her alibi – that is, until the person divulged the truth to the police. Perhaps Calista is weary about revealing her whereabouts because she was with Wilson the night of Luca’s murder and maybe she doesn’t want to drag him into the case because he actually is the one who killed her husband.

Or, who knows, the killer could end up being Savi (Alyssa Milano)! (Imagine? We need more wine!)

Who do you think killed Luca? Fans will find out who the murder is when the “Mistresses” Season 3 finale airs on Thursday, Sept. 3, at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.