mistresses season 3 spoilers Which mistress won't be returning for Season 3 of the hit ABC series "Mistresses"? Pictured, l. to r.: Rochelle Aytse, Jes Macallen and Yunkin Kim.

And then there were three. Though “Mistresses” has been renewed for a third season, the hit ABC drama will be returning for its next 13-episode run without everyone’s favorite leading lady. Alyssa Milano, who played Savannah “Savi” Davis, on the mystery installment, revealed on Wednesday the shocking news about why she's decided to leave the series.

“After two wonderful seasons in Los Angeles, the studio has decided to shoot season three of Mistresses in Vancouver, Canada, for financial reasons,” the 41-year-old actress explained. “It’s with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can’t relocate.”

The actress, best known for her key role on the long-running mystical series “Charmed,” elaborated on why she's not bundling up and headed to the Great White North.

“I have two babies under 4. Being a mother and a wife comes first, and I just cannot uproot my children and separate the family by moving away,” she said. Milano has two children, a son Milo (born in 2011) and daughter Elizabella (born 2014), with her husband David Bugilari. “I will miss this job desperately and wish everyone the absolute best,” she concluded.

So, that begs the question: How will Milano’s decision to leave “Mistresses” affect the plot of Season 3? Well, the last time we saw Savi in the Season 2 finale, she was telling Karen (Yunjin Kim) about her flop of a date with Zack (Jason Gerhardt). That’s when Savi admitted to her bestie that she’s not quite over ex-husband Harry (Brett Tucker).

Savi then decided to pay good ol’ Har a visit -- and wound up taking him to the hospital after he smashed his hand through a window. After some blood and stitches, Savi asked Harry out for a drink, which he gleefully accepted.

But it looks like poor Savi read too much into their chat over cocktails. During Joss’ (Jes Macallen) engagement party, Savi decided to take a stroll on the beach to look for Lucy. But instead, she found Har getting frisky in the sand with none another than her little sis!

Fingers crossed that the show doesn't write Milano’s character out by having her and Joss have a huge blowout. But then again, it would totally make sense for Savi to flee after seeing Joss and her ex-hubby having sex on the beach. The chemistry between the four females is what made the show so popular in the first place, so we're hoping the writers will figure out a way to keep the connection strong even after Milano leaves.

How do you think “Mistresses” will explain Milano’s departure from the show? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories.