Modern Warfare 2 - DMZ stronghold
Modern Warfare 2 introduces DMZ mode as an addition to Warzone Activision


  • The M13B can only be unlocked by playing the DMZ mode
  • The gun's blueprint can be picked up from The Chemist, DMZ's world boss
  • Players must extract from the match the gun in their inventory

The M13 makes a triumphant return in the "Modern Warfare" sequel as an updated version of the original variant. Behind all of the new bells and whistles lies the same carbine that many players of the first game came to love.

Although the M13B doesn't quite make it to the list of the game's meta weapons, it's still a fun gun to use, and it's great for players who want to try something new every now and then. Unlocking it, however, requires a bit more effort compared to most of the "Modern Warfare 2" arsenal.

How to Get the M13B

This assault rifle can only be unlocked by playing the DMZ mode that came with "Warzone 2.0," and it involves taking out a very specific enemy—The Chemist.

Players need to load into DMZ and hunt this boss NPC down if they want to get the gun and its blueprint for themselves. The catch here is that only one player in the entire round can take M13B home; not even squadmates get to share the spoils if one of their own manages to nab the weapon.

Modern Warfare 2 M13B
The M13B in the DMZ weapon selection screen in Modern Warfare 2 Modern Warfare 2

How to Find and Kill the Chemist

Enter the DMZ and immediately look for a ring on the map with a radiation hazard symbol over it. The Chemist and his crew can be found somewhere within this area. Note that this location changes after every match.

The boss himself isn't exactly hard to take down. However, getting to him can be a problem. Players will have to shoot or sneak their way through dozens of AI soldiers and deal with The Chemist's posse.

The easiest way to take him down is to have two snipers perform a synchronized shot to his head. This will down the boss instantly, leaving his weapon free to grab. Deal with his cronies and try not to get ganked by other squads since picking the M13B up will mark the carrier for everyone else to find and hunt down.

It's best to secure a vehicle and a nearby exfil point before picking a fight with The Chemist. Keep an eye out for possible interceptors and exfil campers when calling and entering the exit chopper.

MW2 DMZ Chemist Location
The Chemist can be found inside the radiation zone somewhere in Al-Mazrah Modern Warfare 2