• The mother threatened to kill the child but the father didn't take her seriously
  • The suspect is from Zimbabwe and had been living in South Africa illegally
  • She was produced before the court Monday and was denied bail

A 24-year-old mother is facing murder charges after she allegedly threw her three-month-old baby on the floor, following a heated argument with the child's father.

The depraved act was reported from Middelburg, a town in South Africa, Friday. According to News 24, paramedics and police rushed to the spot and declared the baby dead at the scene. The police have not revealed the identity of the child or the mother yet.

Police said the woman, who was separated from the baby's father, showed up with the child at his workplace, a farm. However, he refused to let them in and asked the woman to leave the place immediately.

The woman got into a confrontation with the man and began threatening him that she would kill the child if he doesn't open the door. The man did not take it seriously and stuck to his stance, refusing to let them in.

"It is said that the woman then threw the infant on the ground," police spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlathi told News 24.

The father immediately called the police and the suspect was arrested. Further investigation divulged that the woman was living in South Africa illegally.

"The investigation revealed that the woman is originally from Zimbabwe and she is not in possession of legal documents to be in South Africa, hence a charge of contravention of the Immigration Act has been added to the murder charge," Hlathi told the publication.

Calling the incident "inhumane," a senior official with the South African Police said, "Parents should not use children to settle their love triangle scores."

The mother, who is currently in police custody, was produced before the Middelburg Magistrate’s Court Monday. The judge denied her bail application.

A similar case was registered in India last week where a mother threw her six-month-old son into a drain following a dispute with her husband. The incident came to light after local people in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh found the child's body in the drain and rushed him to a hospital. The doctors declared him dead and alerted the police, following which an investigation was launched. The mother was arrested after surveillance footage captured her dumping the child into the drain.

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