A mother who famously captured an image of the royal family on Christmas said she hopes the viral photo could help pay her daughter’s college tuition.

Karen Anvil, 39, of the United Kingdom, is the woman behind the popular image of Prince Harry, his finance Meghan Markle and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge together at Sandringham. The photo amassed over 39,000 likes on Twitter as of Tuesday.

Anvil said she snapped the picture on her iPhone. She beat out 20 of the country’s best professional photographers who attended the event Monday, according to the BBC.

After Anvil posted it online, she received inquiries from several publications asking to use the photo, but other users advised her to get a lawyer first.

"The thing is - and I hate to play the single mum card - I'm a single parent, I work two jobs, which I'm proud of and I've always worked," she said. "Now I want to save money for my daughter for uni and if I can do that, and can get that opportunity that's amazing."

Anvil said she and her 17-year-old daughter Rachel visit the royals each year on Christmas Day. However, last year, Anvil became sick and could not take her daughter to the event, but she promised they would see the family at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham this Christmas.

"Sky News was on and we were looking at the crowds," Anvil told BBC. "My daughter said 'I'd love to do that'. "'I said 'next year, when I'm better we'll go.' And so I took her.”

The annual event marked the first time Markle was photographed beside her future in-laws, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince Harry and Markle are expected to get married in May 2018.

Anvil claimed it was her personality that helped her get the Royal family's attention.

"I’m just very bubbly by nature and I was with my daughter and I got a bit excitable, I suppose," she explained. "I was just sort of shouting and I just went ‘Merry Christmas!’ like an idiot. I was fan-girling. That’s all I said and got them to look."