A woman from Florida reportedly left her five-year-old daughter in her stroller at 10 pm on the rainy night of Thursday, outside a bar, to enjoy a couple of drinks. The 34-year-old mother, Sarah Lynn Cheek, has been charged with child neglect after some bystanders reported the incident of child-torture to the authorities.

The child told a customer at the bar that she was waiting outside because her mother was going to get her a candy bar, according to a cfnews13 report about the incident which occurred outside a Daytona Beach bar.

According to the child's father's claims his 14-year-old daughter was the child's caregiver and not the mother. Cheek has a criminal record of a grand theft retail in 2010.

Though Cheek tried to prove her innocence arguing that she was only looking for a job at the bar, other customers at the bar said that she was only enjoying her drinks and even asked some of them to keep an eye on the child.