Monster Hunter Rise introduced a new type of companion that functions as mounts as well as hunting partners
Monster Hunter Rise introduced a new type of companion that functions as mounts as well as hunting partners Capcom


  • Arc Shot now grants buffs to allies over a small area
  • Always use Close-Ranged Coating when no other options are available
  • Skills like Evade Extender can make using bows much easier

Bows are relatively easy to learn but definitely hard to master. Hunters not only need decent aim, but they also need to keep a few things in mind if they want to get the most out of this weapon type.

Learning how to be an archer in "Monster Hunter Rise" requires a bit of dedication – more so than some other playstyles. To further help players get acclimated to the bow's ranged hunting style, here are some advanced tips on how to be a better bowman.

Recommended Armor Skills

Apart from the mandatory Stamina Surge and Constitution skills, players should fill the gaps in their armor slots with decorations that boost either their damage output or personal comfort. Here are a few skills to consider:

  • Attack Boost
  • Weakness Exploit
  • Critical Eye
  • Rapid/Pierce/Spread Up
  • Evade Window
  • Evade Extender
  • Free Meal
  • Spare Shot

Aim For Monster Weak Spots

Damage dealt with arrows is calculated differently compared to that dealt by melee weapons. This means that bows are typically more effective when shooting certain monster parts like heads, legs and wings.

Players can see how effective projectiles are against certain monster parts by visiting the Large Monsters tab in the Hunter's Notes segment of the game's menu. This also includes info regarding monster drops and elemental weaknesses.

Sunbreak - Arc Shot
Monster Hunter Rise replaced Arc Shot's stunning shrapnel with support-oriented buffs Monster Hunter Rise

Arc Shot Changes Explained

Arc Shot causes the hunter to fire a projectile that rains down smaller projectiles over a targeted area, sort of like a bowgun's Cluster Bomb.

In "Rise," Arc Shot no longer deals damage. Instead, it rains down a mist that buffs allies within the area of effect. This can result in either passive healing, increased affinity or knockdown immunity. Consider using this move when playing in a group to make hunts finish faster.

Coatings and Loadouts

Not all bows have access to the same types of arrow coatings. Players should pick a bow they like and base their inventory loadouts based on the coatings they need to use.

Generally, Close-Range and Power Coating are effective against every monster in the game. Meanwhile, the others are designed to inflict elemental status effects like Paralyze or Exhaust.

It's best to keep at least a stack of Nitroshrooms and Phials handy in order to top off coating reserves. Otherwise, just keep Close-Range Coating equipped for a free damage boost.

Sunbreak - Bow Armor Set
A sample armor and skill setup for bows using mid-tier Master Rank monster gear Monster Hunter Rise