• "Final Fantasy XVI" was announced in September 2020
  • The game is set to launch on PS5
  • Square Enix announced in 2020 that it was planning to release more details about the game in early 2021

Square Enix, the game publisher behind the successful "Final Fantasy" series, said last year that it was planning to release more details about "Final Fantasy XVI" sometime in the early part of 2021. However, the game developer has been silent about the much-awaited title since the game's announcement. Interestingly, a reliable insider claimed that fans could hear more news about the game this month.

Business analyst and industry insider Robert Serran shared on Twitter that new details about "Final Fantasy XVI" will be available this February. Apparently, the announcement has something to do with PlayStation fans, which is probably a subtle way of saying that the game developer might not yet launch the game on PC as earlier expected. The announcement will also include new details about "Final Fantasy XIV," the insider said.

Final Fantasy XV
The cast of "Final Fantasy XV" is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Square Enix

As of writing, Square Enix has not yet said anything about the release date of "Final Fantasy XVI," but rumors are rife that it could arrive in the late part of 2021. So far, the game was only announced for the PS5 although a PC version, which was later removed, was mentioned during the game's announcement.

As for the game's development, industry insider Jason Schreier said in his Triple Click podcast in September 2020 that Square Enix has been working on it for four years and noted that it could arrive sooner than anticipated. Based on the game's official website, it is set in the land of Valisthea, the world known for its Mothercrystals with mountains of crystals towering over its six realms and blessing them with aether. The site also mentions creatures called Eikons that inhabit Mothercrystals.

These Eikons live inside a man or woman known as a Dominant, who has the ability to summon them. The perspectives of Dominants vary from nation to nation. Some of them are respected and honored as royalty while others are forced to serve as weapons of war. The game's protagonist is Clive Rosfield, Joshua's brother, a character featured in the game's trailer. "Final Fantasy XVI" is being developed by a veteran "Final Fantasy" team.