Holly Robinson Peete and Rick Fox are back to solving cases in “Morning Show Mysteries: Murder on the Menu,” the follow-up to their first flick in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries franchise, “Morning Show Mystery: Mortal Mishaps.”

With the first one premiering in January, fans luckily only had to wait a few months for Sunday night’s debut of the second movie. This fresh story will follow TV host Billie Blessings (Robinson Peete) as she welcomes celebrity chef Primo Maxx (Chad Willett) to her show. Things go a bit sideways, though, when his car’s trunk pops open while he’s leaving the show, and a dead woman is discovered inside.

“Quick to arrive on the scene are policemen Vinnie Hawk (David Paetkau) and Ian Jackson (Fox), Billie’s father’s former partner, with whom Billie shares a somewhat complicated history,” the synopsis shares. “Maxx’s alibi checks out, and it appears that someone may be trying to frame him for murder. When a former Los Angeles homicide detective approaches Billie’s executive producer Gretchen (Kirsten Robek) with news that Primo Maxx knew the dead woman and that he was investigated, but never arrested, for the murder of his fiancée several years ago in Los Angeles, Gretchen decides to book the detective as a guest on the show and assigns Billie to interview him on-air.”

morning show murder menu synopsis
Rick Fox and Holly Robinson Peete are back in “Morning Show Mysteries: Murder on the Menu.” Crown Media / Ryan Plummer

While on the show, the detective essentially accuses Maxx of murder and reveals that both of the dead women knew each other. The investigation heats up, and Maxx accuses Billie of messing up horribly with the detective guest. Later, when Billie’s home is broken into, and an explosion occurs at her restaurant, she believes that Maxx was the one behind it all.

“Now that she’s caught in the middle of an investigation that is moving far too slowly for her taste, Billie begins investigating on her own, all the while carefully negotiating whatever her relationship might be with Jackson, who is showing interest in her personally, while warning her to stay away from this case,” the synopsis continues. “That, however, is not happening, especially with Billie in the crosshairs nearly every time she turns around.”

Slowly, Billie gets closer to finding out the truth about who the real killer is. Unfortunately, she continues to find herself in dangerous situations along the way. She ends up coming face-to-face with the two-time killer and must figure out a way to stop herself from becoming the murderer’s third victim.

“Morning Show Mysteries: Murder on the Menu” premieres on Sunday on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries at 9 p.m. EDT.