Don't worry you can be as loud as you want on this trip through the 10 most unusual churches and places of prayer in the world.

These unusual churches aren't the ones you'll find in your town square. Some melt in the summer, others are on wheels - one is even upside down.

Even if you haven't been to church in years, these are the ones you'll definitely want to go see - although you'll have to go up a volcanic rock, down into a cave, or in a defunct salt mine to get to some of these sanctuaries. Traveling to these churches is more of an exploration than just a Sunday morning stroll to church, so bring your hiking boots and flashlights.

These unusual churches are both brilliant architectural designs and completely impractical works. Eco-friendly monks have even created an entire temple out of glass beer bottles. Now that's ingenious!

So click start enjoy the weirdest and craziest churches from around the globe.