In a shocking incident, a woman was caught on camera trying to strangle her 1-year-old child inside a hospital. Her bid was foiled when the medical staff, who saw the CCTV footage of the incident, rushed to the baby's help.

Police said the 1-year-old child was admitted to a hospital in Rawalpindi, a city in Pakistan, with blood-related health issues Tuesday, reported Daily Pakistan.

The CCTV footage showed the woman covering the infant with her scarf and wrapping her arms around the child's throat. Three female nurses immediately rushed to the room and rescued the infant. They immediately alerted the police.

Officers registered a case against the mother for attempted murder after an interrogation. However, the woman's husband didn't want to pursue legal action against the woman as she was mentally unwell.

He told officers that his wife has been depressed since the death of their 9-year-old son some time ago.

The baby is reportedly doing well and will soon be handed over to the Child Protection Bureau. However, it is unclear whether the woman has been arrested or not.

Another strange incident was reported from India recently, wherein a 22-year-old woman allegedly threw her newborn baby out of the hospital window because she didn't want to be an unwed mother.

Some passersby noticed the child, born prematurely, being flung outside the window by the woman. Though they rushed to the rescue of the baby, it died in the impact. Police arrested the woman and her boyfriend in connection with the incident.

Representation. A baby. Pixabay