Gianna Simone
Actress Gianna Simone (pictured) discusses playing opposite Britt Robertson in “Mother’s Day.” Courtesy of Anderson Group Public Relations

“Mother’s Day” is a star-studded movie with a sprinkle of a few fresh faces. Gianna Simone stars in the Garry Marshall directed holiday film as Val, a 9-month pregnant, first-time mother-to-be. Gianna spoke to International Business Times about preparing for her role in the dramedy and working with some of the film’s headliners.

Before stepping on to set, the “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “God’s Not Dead 2” actress heavily researched pregnancy, right down to how pregnant woman tend to walk. “I practiced my waddle with one of those big water jugs,” Simone told IBT. “It had definitely given me a new respect for what all moms go through. It also gave me a lot of great things to learn ahead of time for when I go down this path in life.”

In the film, Val is a co-worker and friend of Britt Robertson’s character Kristin, who is Julia Robert’s character’s estranged daughter. Like other films by Marshall, à la “New Year’s Eve” and “Valentine’s Day,” Simone confirmed the film, which follow four families trying to reconnect, will bring all of the characters together at the conclusion. “It’s a very synchronized film,” Simone dished. “I love this concept because it shows, on a small scale, how we’re all from the same place and how we’re all connected.”

While Simone’s character is closest to Robertson’s in the film, Simone also had the pleasure of being able to buddy up to a few of her other co-stars. Simone recalled working alongside Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson as “thrilling,” saying it is always an experience to be around people who are “masters” at their craft.

“When I learn new things … I choose to learn from the best of the best so I can become that. It is this way with acting, as well. When you are around other great talent it can only bring you up. I’d love to work with all of them again.”

Simone, a longtime fan of Marshall’s work, says she’s also like to team up with the director for another project. “I would absolutely love to do a sequel,” Simone dished. “Maybe there will be a ‘Father’s Day’’?


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Whether or not she gets the chance to work with the “Pretty Woman” director again, Simone says she’s hopeful her future in the world of acting will be bright. While she plans her next move (She would like to star in gritty drama, action film or love story), Simone is currently pumped about the upcoming release of “Mother’s Day,” which hits theaters Friday.

“I hope people walk out of ‘Mother’s Day’ with their moms, step moms, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, or even the men in their lives, feeling genuinely good about family and friends and how we are all connected,” Simone said. “We are never truly alone and we always have someone waiting and wanting to be with us.”

Watch the trailer for “Mother’s Day” below: