A motorcyclist in Bangkok rescued a newborn child from a trash bin after hearing her cries.

The motorcyclist, Kittiphan Mongkholkitkun, 31, said he was returning home from a market Tuesday when he heard the baby crying. He went to check near the dump and found the baby in a bin in front of a shop. The baby was wrapped in a yellow towel, he said.

Mongkholkitkun immediately alerted the police and rescue officials, who arrived at the scene around 1.30 a.m. The police found the newborn baby girl inside the garbage bin on the streets in the Khlong Chan area, according to Somprasong Raksakaew, an officer at the Lat Phrao police station, the Bangkok Post reported.

Shortly after the baby’s discovery, some officers on patrol detained an exhausted-looking woman from Myanmar, who worked at a nearby food joint. Upon interrogation, the police were able to determine that she was the mother of the newborn. The mother and the baby were taken to a local hospital, local newspaper Siamrath online reported [Google Translate showed].

It was unclear how long the baby was in the garbage bin. Initially, the authorities were not sure if the child would survive; however, officer Raksakaew later said they were able to get the baby to the hospital on time, and added the infant and the mother were safe.

The police said they will question the woman and charge her later.

In a similar incident, some people in the Indian city of Mumbai rescued a newborn baby from sewage after stray cats in the area created a ruckus to draw their attention to a bundle. Bystanders notified the police, and rushed the baby to a hospital. The baby was safe and recovering at the hospital, the police said at the time. It was unclear when the baby was dumped or who the child's parents were.

In 2018, a Thai woman found a baby in a garbage bin in Pathum Thani's Muang district and alerted the police. Later, she told the police that she was the infant's biological mother, and claimed she abandoned the child in fear that she would not be able to raise enough money to take care of it, the Strait Times reported.

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