• Motorola is rolling out a new update for the Razr foldable
  • The Android 10 update makes the Quick View display more useful
  • The update is being rolled out globally

Motorola rode on a wave of nostalgia with the Razr foldable smartphone. This device packed new technologies such as a foldable touchscreen display into a chassis that looks like the original Razr clamshell that was all the rage in 2004. Now, the company is rolling out an update that will make the device even more useful for those who bought it.

As per Motorola, the Android 10 Update “provides a streamlined look and feel” to the device while adding more functionality to the small external screen called the Quick View display. The update basically makes the device more useful even when it's not unfolded. Here's a quick look at how the update does that.

Accessing favorite contacts

The update allows users to access their favorite contacts right there on the Quick View display. Now, users can swipe left to access contacts, then call them from there. This feature is currently limited to U.S. users.

Full keyboard

The update also allows users to respond to texts right there on the Quick View display using a full keyboard. Previously, users were limited to Smart Replies or “canned responses” on the small screen, The Verge noted. Now, users can type whatever they want to say in response to texts.

More selfie cam options

Now, users have access to more camera options without having to open the Razr. The update introduces new camera modes including Group Selfie, Portrait Mode, Spot Color and more. Users will be able to access the rear camera by swiping right on the Quick View display or by twisting their wrist to use Quick Capture.

Video calls

The Verge noted that the update also allows users to make video calls using the main camera, as opposed to using the front-facing internal camera.

Navigation Instructions

The Android 10 update allows users to get turn-by-turn navigation instructions from Google Maps right there on the Quick View display. This means users won't have to open their Razr smartphones to see precise navigation instructions to go somewhere.

Playback controls

The update also includes better music playback controls on the Quick View display. These controls can be used on various apps including Spotify, Pandora and YouTube Music.

New themes

Users will be able to show off their personal style using new themes for the Quick View display.

Motorola said the Android 10 update is rolling out to all Razr foldable smartphones globally.

Motorola Razr
The new Razr. Motorola US/YouTube