A teenager with ADHD suffered a seizure after consuming two 24-ounce bottles of Mountain Dew.

The 15-year-old boy was already taking medication for his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and the added caffeine Mountain Dew intake might have pushed him over the edge, according to Dr. Holly Benjamin, who saw the boy seek treatment.

Although the link between the seizure and drink is inconclusive, parents are to take caution in children with medical problems.

Benjamin explains: 'Children never need energy drinks. They contain caffeine and other stimulant substances that aren't nutritional, so you don't need them.'

Seizures are not common after consuming a soft drink or energy drink, but it is certainly a possibility if medication interferes with the stimulants contained in the drink.

Dr. Benjamin recommends water as the best thirstquencher for most kids, and perhaps a sports drink for young athletes.

However, sugared drinks are highly discouraged, as they help pack on pounds and bring early obesity in children.

Regarding children consuming energy drinks, Dr. Benjamin also reported: 'If you drink them on a regular basis, it stresses the body. You don't really want to stress the body of a person that's growing.'