The Movo VXR10 Pro is a small, but mighty microphone for cameras and cell phones

Who is the Movo VXR10 Pro Microphone For?

  • The Movo VXR10 Pro microphone is ideal for anyone looking to improve their mobile recording capabilities
  • The small size of the VXR10 Pro makes it easy to bring with you wherever you are
  • The VXR10 Pro is versatile, and can be used with cameras, cell phones and laptops

Movo's products have been previously reviewed here at International Business Times, and a short summary is that they're pretty solid for their price. The next product in line is here, the Movo VXR10 Pro microphone. Can it live up to the other offerings from Movo? Let's find out.

Nice And Compact

The first thing that's immediately noticeable about the Movo VXR10 Pro is that it is pretty darn small. This microphone can easily fit in anyone's hand and can probably be squeezed into most pockets if needed. The VXR10 Pro is also very lightweight, so you aren't going to tire your arm out by holding it up.

The VXR10 Pro in its carrying case

The VXR10 Pro carrying case is also neatly organized and keeps everything safe. Along with the VXR10 Pro microphone, the case also includes slots for the included shock mount, cables and extra wind screen.

Great Quality

The VXR10 Pro microphone is surprisingly capable given its size and price. The microphone is very easy to set up, as all it requires is an audio cable connecting it to a recording device. This can include a camera, cell phone, laptop, or pretty much anything else that uses a 3.5mm audio jack. If your phone only has a USB-C port, the microphone will still work if you use a 3.5mm to USB-C converter.

The VXR10 Pro without any attachments or wind screens

The recording quality on the VXR10 Pro is pretty high. Audio sounds crisp, and you can hear just about everything that was happening when you were recording. Unfortunately, if you are in a loud area that means the loud background noises aren't filtered out as much as they would be on a different microphone. However, if you want to record really quiet sounds, this microphone is a better choice than other Movo options.

Similar to the Movo PC-M6 microphone, the VXR10 Pro has some issues with noise. Noise in this instance is the sound a microphone captures from the air while simultaneously recording whatever it is you are trying to capture. A microphone that doesn't filter out noise results in an audio recording that's filled with a buzzing, humming background sound. Every microphone has to deal with noise, so it comes down to how much a microphone can filter out.

The back side of the VXR10 Pro, where the microphone and headphone cables are plugged in

The VXR10 Pro doesn't seem to have any form of noise filter, meaning recordings are pretty filled with background sounds. If you are a reporter and just need a quick sound bite to transcribe, this isn't an issue. If you are creating a podcast, video or other project, you might run into some issues.

Awkward To Use

The biggest problem with the VXR10 Pro is that it's a little awkward to use. The included shock mount feels like it is going to break when trying to get the microphone slotted into place, and then once the microphone is in the shock mount, there's basically no great way to use it outside of mounting it on a camera.

One of the biggest use cases that the VXR10 Pro touts is its compatibility with smartphones. While the compatibility is there, it almost requires the user to buy additional hardware to more easily use the VXR10 Pro. There is a small amount of space for holding the microphone right at its base, assuming the shock mount isn't on, but that means hands will be where the cables plug into the microphone, raising the chance of a cable being knocked loose.

The VXR10 Pro does work when using a to USB-C converter

Because the VXR10 Pro has a headphone jack, it requires users to put in headphones to hear any audio. That means if you want to quickly listen back to something, you'll need headphones in. Additionally, if you want to use the VXR10 Pro for video calls, you'll need to put in headphones instead of using your computer's speakers without having to dive into your computer's settings. However, audio will still record in the microphone without headphones in so headphones aren't required for the VXR10 Pro to work.

Final Thoughts

The VXR10 Pro is a very capable microphone, but seems like it is best used in only certain situations. The microphone is top-notch at recording audio around it, but that isn't always the audio you want recorded. It's high level of noise also means this microphone isn't ideal for recording audio for things like podcasts and videos.

The included shock mount makes things even trickier. While the mount is great for sticking the VXR10 Pro on a camera, it makes it pretty much impossible to use for anything else, even holding it in your hand or resting it on a table. If you want to use the VXR10 Pro without a camera, you'll likely need to purchase a different microphone stand or shock mount.

That said, for $50, the VXR10 Pro is versatile enough, and offers a high enough quality recording to be very useful for those who need to get basic sound clips without wanting to lug around any bulky equipment.