Ex-followers of Harold Camping, the doomsday preacher who falsely predicted that May 21 would be the beginning of the end-of-the-world, are reacting with anger and voicing it on the air.

Faithful followers had taken Camping's preaching to heart, with some taking drastic measures to sell their homes, quit jobs, and invest all their money on billboard campaigns to prepare for the end - only to have their hopes dashed on that day.

Although Camping maintains that judgment did come indeed, in a spiritual sense, ex-followers are not satisfied and some have expressed their deep disappointment and resentment Monday via an Open Forum on Camping's Family Radio.

One unnamed caller expressed how he lost faith altogther:
In my case, I don't know what it means to be faithful anymore because I am really disappointed.

I was one of those 200 million, Mr. Camping, that was praying for that day to come, not only to finally go be with the Father but also to finally see judgment like you said in the Good Book.

Another caller was so upset that he threatened the preacher with violence and used profanity.

You're really pathetic, you know? I wasted all my money because of you. I was putting all my money and my hopes on you.

The angry caller continued, saying I wish I could see you face to face, I would smack you.

Mr. Camping, you always say a lot of (expletive). I lost all my money because of you, you (expletive).

Camping was unaffected by the verbal attacks, but simply continued on with the program, saying I'm sorry, I didn't hear your question. We've lost the caller. Shall we take our next call?

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