Who Is The MSI Pro MP271QP Monitor For?

  • The MSI Pro MP271QP monitor excels at being able to be repositioned after being set up, including the ability to rotate 90 degrees
  • The MSI Pro MP271QP is made to be eye-safe with anti-flickering and low blue light features
  • The monitor has a WQHD resolution, which is better known as 1440p
The MSI Pro MP271QP is a versatile monitor that can be repositioned in a number of ways with ease

Monitors come in all shapes and sizes, and buying one is usually a game of compromises. One monitor may have great resolution, but a poor refresh rate or is expensive. It's rare to find a monitor that includes a number of great features, all for a decent price. However, MSI has really surprised with the MSI Pro MP271QP. It has a large-but-not-too-large 27-inch screen, can be moved and rotated with ease and is reasonably priced.

Sharp Picture

The default image quality on the MSI Pro MP271QP is great. It's crystal clear and makes whatever is being displayed pop off the screen. The monitor is WQHD, which is a bit of a marketing gimmick that stands for wide quad high definition. In the resolution world, the common 1080p is also known as FHD, or full high definition. The now-popular 4K, also called UHD or ultra high definition, comes out to 2160p. That means WQHD, also known as just QHD, fits in the middle at 1440p.

A monitor's quality isn't defined solely by its resolution. The MSI Pro MP271QP monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate, meaning games and videos can be displayed at up to 60 frames per second. This is a little on the low side these days in terms of PC gaming performance, but for videos and console gaming, it's silky smooth.

The MP271QP's stand gives the monitor its wide range of motion

These specs are the same regardless of connecting an HDMI cable or DisplayPort cable. The monitor is equipped with one port each, along with a USB-C port.

Display Kit Software

If a user wants more control over how the monitor's picture looks, MSI has released their Display Kit software for free. This software allows users to really amp up the control options for the monitor, including the ability to use split screen. The Display Kit software allows users to select from a number of split screen layouts, including options with three or more windows.

A look at the MSI Display Kit software

Display Kit can also be used to make adjustments to the monitor's color settings. There's even an Eye Saver mode that makes the MP271QP's screen resemble an e-reader's ink-like display. The monitor also has some basic image adjustment tools built in, like the ability to adjust the contrast and color temperature of the image, but the Display Kit software really allows users to go all out with getting settings exactly how they want.

Easy Maneuverability

One of the highlights of the MSI Pro MP271QP monitor is how simple it is to move around after setting it up. The monitor is on a stand, making it easy to raise or lower the monitor with minimal effort. However, the movement options go well beyond simply moving the monitor up and down. The MP271QP can be swiveled left and right up to 30 degrees in either direction and the whole monitor can be rotated 90 degrees in either direction to be used in a vertical orientation. Additionally, the monitor can be tilted from negative eight degrees to 20 degrees along the Y axis.

Moving the MP271QP in any direction is an easy process and requires little effort. Rotating the monitor into a vertical position does take some tinkering though, as the screen is too big to rotate without making adjustments to the monitor's tilt. Basically, the monitor can't just be spun 90 degrees into place.

Simply rotate the MP271QP to quickly make it a vertical monitor

While it's very easy to make adjustments to the MP271QP screen, that means moving the entire monitor is a little annoying. It would be nice to see a way to lock in a position to help make moving the monitor easier. This would also help avoid accidental shifts with the monitor's screen.

All of these adjustments are made possible thanks to the MP271QP's stand. If a user doesn't want to use the included stand, the monitor supports the standard VESA mount, making it easy to put the MP271QP on a different monitor stand or to mount it to a wall.

Eye-Saving Features

More and more, we are being warned of the dangers of looking at screens for long periods of time. Thankfully, manufacturers like MSI are now designing their products to be a little easier for the eyes without users needing any additional hardware or devices.

The MSI MP271QP is one such device that includes eye-friendly features. First, the monitor has been designed to use less blue light. Second, the display uses an anti-flicker technology to provide a stable video output. The final way the MP271QP helps to reduce eye strain is by using anti-glare materials, which help by lowering the light that is bounced off the screen and back into a user's face.

The MP271QP has a huge range of motion

All three of these combine to help reduce eye strain. While I personally haven't noticed the benefits of blue light blocking technology both from the MP271QP monitor and other devices I have tried in the past, I'm sure deep down my eyes are thanking me.

Built-In Speakers Are Fine Enough

The MSI MP271QP has two built-in 2W speakers, which are perfectly fine for what they are. These speakers aren't going to win any awards, but they provide a decently mixed audio output. They're serviceable and get the job done.

That said, if someone wants to go beyond the built-in speakers, the MP271QP has a 3.5mm audio jack on the back of it. This allows for headphones or external speakers to be easily plugged in. Of course, if using the MP271QP as a computer monitor, a computer can handle its own audio without involving the monitor at all.

Final Thoughts

The MSI Pro MP271QP monitor is a great option for a wide variety of users. While its specs may not entice the most hardcore of PC gamers, the MP271QP is certainly a great choice for just about everyone else, especially those who like to jump between horizontal and vertical layouts.

Interestingly, the MSI Pro MP271QP isn't currently available. Representatives for MSI have said the monitor should be "available soon," but no specifics were given. That said, there are two different monitor options available from MSI that offer all of the same features and designs as the MP271QP, but at a 1080p resolution and an increased 75Hz refresh rate. The two available monitors come in a 24-inch model and a 27-inch model and can be purchased right now, with both options coming in at under $200 each.