“Real World: Bad Blood” Season 32
MTV has officially released details about Season 32 of “The Real World” and trust us — you’re going to want to tune in. MTV

For more than 30 seasons MTV has been bringing together groups of strangers under one roof to find out what happens when they “stop being polite and start getting real.” In recent seasons the network had added twists — introducing estranged lovers, friends and family members to the cast or tasking contestants with performing challenges similar to those featured on “Road Rules” or “The Challenge.”

According to People magazine, MTV plans to continue this theme in Season 32 with “Real World: Bad Blood.” The network has announced plans to return to Seattle for the upcoming installment, bringing seven individuals from across the country seeking new experiences and reality star fame into one extravagant house in the trendy city. The “Bad Blood” cast will be given some time to settle in before scorned people from their past are added to the equation.

People was able to obtain a lineup of this season’s cast, which includes former couples, ex best friends and hurt siblings who will be forced to face their issues head-on. The list of participants moving into the “Real World: Bad Blood” house are as follows:

  • Anika Walker and Will Groomes
    Anika and Will dated for three years during which she wore the pants. According to People, Will was open about the fact that he was fearful of Anika’s temper during their relationship. Despite having split and moved on with their lives, Will is forced to remain close to certain aspects of Anika’s life as he is close friends with her brother.
  • Jordan Anderson and Orlana Russell
    Jordan and Orlana are former best friends. Their friendship crumbled after Orlana saw a video of a boy she was interested in posted on one of Jordan’s social media accounts. Her jealousy overtook her and she and Jordan went their separate ways.
  • Katrina Stack and Anna Stack
    Katrina and Anna are sisters who have always competed for the spotlight. Because of their rivalry, the pair don’t often speak and harbor bad feelings toward one another.
  • Mike Crescenzo and Peter Romeo
    Mike and Peter were thick as thieves until they decided to move in together. Peter invited his girlfriend to live with them just days into their new housing arrangement, which left Mike feeling annoyed.
  • Robbie “Maserobbiee” Padovano and Jennifer Geoghan
    Robbie and Jennifer dated for several months after crossing paths inside a nightclub in their native New Jersey. Robbie grew jealous of his then-girlfriend, who is two years older than him, was able to go out and drink and he wasn’t. His jealousy eventually tore them apart.
  • Theo Bradley and Kassius Bass
    Cousins Theo and Kassius were BFFs until a college incident created tension between them.
  • Tyara “Tya” Hooks and Kim Johannson
    The bad blood runs deep with these two high school enemies. Tyara and Kim have had a contentious relationship for a number of years, which stems from Kim having posted videos of herself mocking Tyara online.

The cast will not be asked to complete challenges during their time in the “Real World” house. During Season 31, which premiered in 2015, MTV decided that the twist would be weekly challenges presented to the cast. The season was filmed in Las Vegas, where the show also took place in 2002 and 2011. Season 31 was the third installment of the show that featured a twist. MTV first switched things up with “Real World: Ex-Plosion” in 2014. The following season, “Real World: Skeletons,” followed a similar outline to that of Season 32, forcing participants to face people from their pasts who held “dark secrets.”

Season 32 of “Real World: Bad Blood” will premiere with a two-hour show on Wednesday, Oct. 12, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.