Whitney Way Thore
Whitney Way Thore, star of TLC's "My Big Fat Fabulous Life," struggles with her size in Season 3. Above, she is pictured Jan. 8, 2015. Getty Images

Whitney Way Thore, star of TLC’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” has always been body positive, but Season 3 of the reality show portrays some of the struggles that come along with her size. In a sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode, Whitney has to ask her roommate, Buddy, for help after she hurts her back in the shower.

"I knocked my shampoo into the tub, so I bent over to get it, and I felt a pain I haven't felt in my back since the first time I hurt it," Whitney, 31, says in the video. "The whole lower back is in pain. And the thought of getting from inside the tub to my bedroom is impossible."

Whitney, who is reportedly 370 pounds, says her size might be to blame for her back issues. "I think my back problem is directly related to my weight. I doubt that my lower back would have problems if I wasn't this fat,” she says. "The last time I hurt my back I was incapacitated for a couple weeks."

Even though she is naked and embarrassed, she is happy Buddy is there to help her. "It's moments like these that I'm really glad I have a roommate because if Buddy were not in the house, I don't know what I would do," she says. "I think Buddy is probably not happy that he has a roommate in this moment, because I cannot wrap a towel around my body. I mean I don't own a towel that covers my body. So Buddy has to kind of just…witness that."

Later in the episode, she is criticized by revelers who mock her for using a scooter during a St. Patrick’s Day parade. In a previous episode, she was unable to go skiing.

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