• Shigaraki advances towards Deku in "My Hero Academia" chapter 275
  • Endeavor continues to chase the villain
  • "My Hero Academia" chapter 275 will be releasing Sunday (June 14)

The fight is far from over, Shigaraki has located the One For All Quirk and is after Deku to snatch it away from him. “My Hero Academia” chapter 275 is still a few days away from its release, but the raw scans and spoilers have started surfacing online.

This article contains spoilers for “My Hero Academia” manga chapters.

The latest “My Hero Academia” chapter 275 scans showcase Shigaraki using a Quirk to make Deku, Bakugo, and Aizawa see their death.

“My Hero Academia” chapter 275 starts with Shigaraki’s inner voices. He talks to himself about the Quirk that he got from someone. It is the Search Quirk, Shigaraki, got from Ragdoll. Search Quirk allows the user to see up to 100 people at a time and get their locations and weaknesses.

Meanwhile, Endeavor goes after Shigaraki. He responds to Deku on the comms. In the previous chapter, Deku reveals to Endeavor that Shigaraki might be after him.

In the upcoming chapter, Deku tells Endeavor that he will explain later as he advances towards Shigaraki’s current location.

In the meantime, as Endeavor gets distracted in responding to Deku, Shigaraki lands a punch. Later, the villain jumps away and heads in a different direction.

It is likely that he is heading towards Deku in “My Hero Academia” chapter 275. Meanwhile, Deku knows that with Shigaraki changing his course, they have bought some time to evacuate the town.

Later, Endeavor informs the heroes of Shigaraki’s location. He tells them that he is heading southwest. He also warns the heroes that Shigaraki has super regenerative capabilities, but he is not the first one they encountered.

Deku needs to be ready to face Shigaraki, despite the help from other heroes, including Endeavor, Deku will have to buckle up for the incoming attacks.

Now that Shigaraki knows about the source of One For All Quirk, he will do anything to get it.

“My Hero Academia” chapter 275 is scheduled to release Sunday (June 14), and fans can read the chapter on Viz and Manga Plus.

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