• "My Hero Academia" chapter 275 to showcase Shigaraki going after Deku
  • Shigaraki can sense the One For All Quirk
  • "My Hero Academia" chapter 275 will drop Sunday (June 14)

The evil Shigaraki is fast approaching towards the evacuation site. He has likely sensed the One For All Quirk. In “My Hero Academia” chapter 275, Shigaraki will be after Deku.

This article contains spoilers for “My Hero Academia” manga chapters.

Towards the end of “My Hero Academia” chapter 274, which is titled “Search,” Deku is seen flying towards Endeavor and Shigaraki. He contacts Endeavor to reveal that Shigaraki might be after his Quirk – One For All.

“My Hero Academia” chapter 275 is likely to pick from where chapter 274 ends. Katsuki Bakugo is angry, as launches towards Shigaraki, but Deku wants him to hear him out before doing something crazy.

Deku is the possessor of the One For All Quirk. One For All is a transferrable Quirk that can be passed from one user to another.

Shigaraki must ingest Deku’s DNA to acquire the One For All Quirk. Interestingly, this Quirk can only be transferred if the owner is freely choosing to transfer it. And, this ensures that the Quirk is not forcibly acquired, however, it can be forcibly given.

One For All Quirk allows the user to collect a colossal amount of raw energy that can enhance all the physical abilities. The superhuman strength can be focused on a single body part.

If Shigaraki manages to get One For All Quirk from Deku, it will lead to massive destruction. “My Hero Academia” chapter 274 has revealed that Shigaraki has enhanced his regenerative capabilities. He will be unstoppable if he will get the Quirk. It remains to be seen if Endeavor and Deku will team up against Shigaraki.

Chapter 274 of “My Hero Academia” opens with Shigaraki mumbling One For All while Endeavor unleashes the Hell Curtain attack on him. Endeavor knows that the scorching heat of his attack will leave the villain in pretty bad shape.

However, Endeavor is in for a rude shock when Shigaraki is able to survive the attack.

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 275 will be releasing Sunday (June 14). Fans can read the latest chapter on Viz and Manga Plus.

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