• Bakugou talks to Deku about the past
  • Deku is still apprehensive about joining forces with Class A
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 322 is releasing Monday

Deku wants to be part of the squad but he has developed this fear that All For One will kill all his loved ones if he is around them. The latest spoilers and leaks of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 322 hint at Bakugou's conversation with Deku.

Twitter user Rukasu has shared the summary of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 322. The new chapter continues from where Chapter 321 ends. Deku is wondering how can he escape. But he remains powerless and cannot even move.

Class A's students gather around Deku. Mina tells him to come back to U.A. with them.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 322, Deku continues to remind his friends that his presence in the academy will be dangerous for everyone. Bakugou asks Deku if he remembers what he said when he was impaled by Shigaraki. Deku tries to remember but says he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Bakugou reminds him of his words, "Don't try to win this on your own." He says he wants to tell him something. Bakugo recalls how he always looked down upon Deku and bullied him for not having any Quirks.

However, in the academy, he remembers Deku worked really hard and accomplished more than he could.

Later, Bakugou says he is sorry for everything. He feels the path that All Might and Deku took was not wrong. However, at this time, Deku needs his friends as he is a little unstable and there are things that even pro heroes like All Might cannot surpass.

Meanwhile, the barrier around U.A. is active and it appears like a massive fortress. Sero says the barrier can also connect to Shiketsu High when active.

The civilians are shocked to see Deku near the academy and start questioning the heroes if they will be safe around him.

The civilians know Shigaraki is after Deku and his presence near U.A. can be a problem. Present Mic tries to calm them down, but they are not ready to listen. At this point, Deku starts to walk away, but Ochako stops him and holds his hand.

Fans can read "My Hero Academia" Chapter 322 online Manga Plus and Viz this Monday. The print version of the chapter will hit the stands Tuesday.

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