• Stain shares intel from Tartarus
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 327 is releasing on Sept. 26
  • The chapter will be out on Manga Plus and Viz

The heroes have their backs against the wall as they struggle to rise and fight the villains again. The recent All Might and Stain’s encounter left the former overwhelmed with a flood of emotions.

Toward the end of the previous chapter, Stain threw a knife with a piece of paper and asked All Might to make use of his intel from Tartarus. Moreover, he also revealed he was the killer of 40 heroes.

It is likely in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 327, the hero might go after Stain and use the information he gathered from Tartarus.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 326, All Might was headed to check on the hero-hating groups who refused to come inside a shelter.

He returned to Kamino, Yokohama where Deku battled against Class 1-A. At the site, All Might introspected how he was unable to help Deku amid the chaos.

He looked at his statue and reprimanded himself for being a failure and dragging everyone down with him. Suddenly, Stain, a hero killer, appeared on the statue and commanded All Might to take his words against the hero back.

All Might wondered Stain never went after him when he was on the field and never imagined they would meet in these circumstances.

Stain asked him to explain himself. All Might revealed he missed a lot of things when he was locked up. He told Stain that he was looking at All Might in the flesh.

Stain got angry and was not ready to believe he was All Might and at that moment, the hero changed his form. However, Stain called All Might a fraud and pointed his blade at the hero’s neck.

Later, in the chapter, a woman arrived and started cleaning All Might’s statue. Stain revealed the woman comes every day to clean the mess made by the detractors.

All Might was confused about why would a woman travel all the way from her shelter and clean the statue. Stain revealed she was the last person saved by All Might.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 327 is scheduled for release on Sept. 26. The chapter will be available on Viz and Manga Plus.

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