• Todoroki and Bakugo get their provisional hero licenses
  • The students are set to celebrate Christmas in the new episode
  • "My Hero Academia" Season 5, Episode 13 is airing Saturday

Students of the academy are ready to celebrate Christmas in "My Hero Academia" Season 5, Episode 13 (or Episode 101). The upcoming episode is titled "Have a Merry Christmas!"

The official preview trailer for "My Hero Academia" Season 5, Episode 13 is out. The trailer opens with Bakugo and Todoroki finally getting their provisional hero licenses. Now, everyone in Class A can take up hero work.

The trailer shows Deku, Shoto and the other students in a festive spirit. However, there is danger lurking behind the festive party. The final scene of the trailer shows the Pro Heroes meeting to discuss something important.

Meanwhile, Eri also goes to the special Christmas party. As the semester nears its end, Mt. Lady will be lecturing the students on how to handle the media.

In the previous episode, Deku appreciates Shinso's efforts during the joint training battle. He even compares one of Shinso's moves to Pro Hero Shota Aizawa.

Later, Vlad King announces Shinso will be part of the hero course starting from the second year. The students are excited as they ask Vlad if he will be part of Class A or B.

The joint training tournament is over and Deku has a lot to introspect regarding his One For All Quirk.

As the episode progresses, Deku and Bakugo train under All Might's supervision. Bakugo is going all out against Deku as he feels this is the only way the latter's mysterious Quirk will activate. However, the Quirk fails to come out.

The cast of "My Hero Academia" anime includes Daiki Yamashita as Izuku Midoriya, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Katsuki Bakugou, Yuuki Kaji as Shoto Todoroki, Daichi Endō as Twice, Aoi Yūki as Tsuyu Asui, Eri Kitamura as Mina Ashido, Hiro Shimono as Dabi, Hiroshi Kamiya as Kojiro Bondo, Hiroyuki Yoshino as Present Mic, Kenta Miyake as All Might, Kouki Uchiyama as Tomura Shigaraki, Hitomi Nabatame as Setsuna Tokage, Kosuke Miyoshi as Mashirao Ojiro, Misato Fukuen as Himiko Toga, Tsuguo Mogami as Mr. Compress, Yūichi Nakamura as Hawks and Yūki Shin as Natsuo Todoroki.

"My Hero Academia" Season 5, Episode 13 (Episode 101) is scheduled to air Saturday. Crunchyroll and Funimation are officially streaming the episodes.

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