A woman in England was baffled to find her dog nibbling on a mysterious "alien-like" creature, which had washed up on a beach in England.

The creature was found on Wirral beach in Merseyside on Sunday. When Amy Ayobowen, 42, saw her canine trying to eat the unidentified creature, she took its picture, and posted it on a Facebook community page.

“Can someone reassure me that my dog didn't try to eat alien remains this afternoon on the beach?” Ayobowen wrote.

Many other people started guessing what the creature could be, with some saying it was likely the “remains of a ray,” and more specifically, a "thornback ray."

A woman replied to post, writing, “It looks scary, is it a skeleton of a fish?” while another local man joked: “Deffo an alien, if anything bursts out of your dog tonight, kill it with fire.”

Others shared their own photos of the suspected ray, which they had spotted on the same beach prior to Ayobowen's post.

Ayobowen confirmed even though her dog “had a nibble” of the mysterious creature, he was doing fine.

Talking to Liverpool Echo, she said:“It probably isn't the worst thing he has eaten! He’s made of strong stuff!”

However, there was still no confirmation of what the creature was.

There have been several instances in the past when weird-looking mysterious creatures have washed up on shores in England and in other parts of the world.

In December last year, two beachgoers stumbled upon a sea creature as they paddled in the sea in southwest England. Katrina Ashmore, 41, and Paul Ashurst, 43, spotted the creature on the shores of Devon. The mysterious creature had washed up on the shores after bobbing for about ten minutes in the waters. Ashmore and Ashurst had initially thought it was a turtle or an old rucksack. They later found out the creature was an anglerfish, usually found half a mile underwater. The rare fish had staggered 9,000 miles from its home in the Pacific Ocean. Ashmore and Ashurst left the fish where it was as it was dead.

In November last year, a man walking on a San Diego beach found an anglerfish on the shore. The man was on Black's Beach during sunset when he came across the creature with a mouthful of knife-sharp teeth, a projectile flowing out of its forehead and spikes on its sides.

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