A terrifying video of an unidentified sea creature with glowing eyes chasing a fisherman has boggled social media users who can't seem to figure what kind of animal it could be.

The 47-second long clip that has been trending on social media shows a mysterious creature repeatedly leaping from the water while following a fisherman's speedboat. The video was reportedly captured by an unidentified fisherman off the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil, NDTV reported.

The video was shared on Twitter with a caption in Portuguese that can be translated to "Mysterious creature chased a boat yesterday in the Rio Grande do Sul". The footage also had text that read “Queria me atacar”, which translates to "wanted to attack me." It has received more than 38K views and over 1,900 likes since it was posted on Jan. 27.

The nerve-wracking video shows the creature as a shadow with two eyes glowing at the camera in the dark, leapfrogging out of the water while following the speeding boat in a tight race. At one point during the tense chase, the creature even appears to catch up with the boatman who was trying to flee at high speed. However, at the end of the video, the fisherman appears to win the race as the animal gets beaten back by the slipstream of the speedboat, Times Now News reported.

Though it is still unclear from the video what the animal is, viewers were left baffled by the mysterious creature. Meanwhile, the user who posted the video also shared a thread on Twitter to find out what viewers think the animal is.

Many users suggested that the sea creature could be a harmless dolphin. However, many others contradicted this by pointing out the speed at which the animal was chasing the boat.

Some viewers claimed that it could be pinniped like a seal or a walrus, as they are usually curious by nature and often follow boats at night. The user also pointed out that pinnipeds are fast swimmers that can go up to 40 km/h. There were also speculations that the species in the video could be a leopard seal, as they can grow up to almost 4 meters.

Meanwhile, the user who shared the video explained the mystery behind the glowing eyes, saying that the glow is from a membrane inside the eye known as Tapetum lucidum, which is usually seen in nocturnal animals.

representational image pixabay