Astronaut Anne McClain is currently under investigation by NASA for what may become the first alleged crime committed in space.

According to Summer Worden, the astronaut’s estranged spouse and a former Air Force intelligence officer, McClain stole her wife’s identity and improperly accessed her bank account while aboard the International Space Station. At the time, McClain was on a six-month mission preparing for the first all-female spacewalk, which was suspended in March due to a lack of suits.

According to the New York Times, McClain has confirmed to investigators that she did access this account while aboard the ISS. No evidence was found that McClain moved any funds from the account, but Worden’s parents have alleged that she was accessing her wife’s financial records as part of a scheme to gain custody of their daughter’s son.

McClain and Worden have been locked in unpleasant divorce proceedings since 2018. Worden filed for divorce after McClain accused her of assault. Worden contended that this was another attempt by McClain to gain custody of her son. McClain had been helping to raise the 6-year-old child, whom Worden had during a prior relationship. Worden denied the assault claim and the case was dismissed.

McClain’s lawyer Rusty Hardin insists that she was only checking the bank account to make sure that there were enough funds to care for Worden’s son. She claims to have not been aware that her wife no longer wanted her accessing the account.

Hardin said that his client is “totally cooperating” with the investigation.