A UFO expert claimed that NASA’s recent photos from Mars captured remnants of ancient alien technology. The expert noted that the images clearly indicate that a race of intelligent beings once lived on Mars.

The images from Mars, which were taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover, were posted through the space agency’s website. According to YouTube user WhatsUpInTheSky37, the photos were taken by the rover on SOL 2454, which refers to the solar day in Mars.

In the YouTube video, the user closely analyzed one of the photos due to its odd content. Amidst the various rock formations featured in the image, there were a few objects that stood out. According to the user, these objects could be discarded equipment from NASA.

For self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring of ET Data Base, the objects shown in the photo were not man-made or natural. He described one of the objects as a jar that may have fallen on its side. Waring noted that although it looks like a jar, the object most likely had a very different function due to its strange features.

Another object that Waring spotted had a square-shaped body with a lot of geometrical layers on it. He speculated that it may have been some type of mechanical device.

For the UFO expert, the objects accidentally photographed by the Curiosity rover can be considered as proof regarding the existence of alien life on Mars. More importantly, since the objects appear mechanical in nature, they may have been used as tools by a race of intelligent alien beings.

This theory coincides Waring’s previous discovery while scanning through NASA’s Mars images. In one of the photos, he spotted an elongated object that looked like a speedboat. Since the object appeared to have certain distinct features such as a windshield and a tail fin, Waring speculated that it served as a transport vehicle for an ancient Martian race.

Waring estimated that the object was about 3 feet long. Given its size, the UFO expert theorized that the ancient alien beings that previously thrived on Mars were very small and were only about 3 to 6 inches tall.

mars Frost on Mars Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona/Texas A&M University