A UFO expert claimed that photos taken by NASA’s rover on Mars show two tiny alien faces. According to the expert, this is definitive proof that small-sized alien creatures once thrived on Mars.

Claims about the microscopic alien faces were made by Scot Waring of UFO Sightings Daily. According to Waring, the images where he found the faces were taken using the Curiosity rover’s Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam) complex, which is a set of remote sensing instruments.

The rover mainly uses the ChemCam to take high-resolution microscopic photos of rock and soil samples on the Martian surface.

As Waring was going through the photos taken by Curiosity using its ChemCam, the UFO expert came across a couple of photos that immediately caught his attention. According to Waring, the photos contained images of alien faces that appeared to have been drawn or carved into the rock sample.

According to Waring, the faces had very prominent facial features.

“One of the faces was sculpted or carved out,” he wrote in a blog post. “It stands out well with its large nose, deep eyebrow ridges, long pointy ears and wrinkled forehead.”

“The second face is a simple skill drawing in a shiny white substance that may be a type of metal but uncertain of its material,” he added.

Since the image appeared on a microscopic photo, Waring assumed that it was made by a very small alien creature. He also referred to the photo as actual proof of the existence of alien life on Mars.

“To have one face in a single photo seems like a coincidence, but to have two faces in six different photos under different lighting conditions, is…for lack of a better word, perfect,” he stated.

“This is indisputable evidence that intelligent life forms existed and that there were just centimeters tall,” Waring added.

This wasn’t the first time that Waring came across photos of alleged small alien artifacts on Mars. In previous posts, he claimed to have spotted doorways that led to underground structures in photos taken by Curiosity. Since the doorways appeared to be very small, Waring assumed that it was made by aliens that were only about a couple of inches tall.