A UFO expert claimed that a photo taken by NASA’s orbiter captured the remnants of a massive ancient alien city on Mars. The alleged alien city is located in a region on the Red Planet known as Atlantis Chaos.

According to Scott Waring of ET Data Base, the photo showing the alleged ancient alien city was captured by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter using its High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera. The photos were released through the University of Arizona’s HiRISE website and GigaPan, which features high-resolution interactive images.

As seen in the photo, various grid formations can be spotted on the Martian surface. Waring noted that the image almost looks like a bird’s eye view of a populated city on Earth. The UFO expert even said that large structures that resemble buildings can be seen in between some of the lines.

“This GigaPan photo of Mars shows some very interesting patterns that are similar to looking down on a city on Earth,” Waring stated on a blog post. “The grid patterns here are huge and thick, much like the streets here in some big cities.”

“You can even see some buildings in between the grid lines,” he added. “So incredible. One structure looks very similar to the Vatican with its round base and rounded roof.”

Waring noted that the grid patterns indicate that the region was once a thriving alien city on Mars. Like humans on Earth, the aliens that once lived in this region built the city in an organized manner by following a uniform pattern.

“These rigid lines are about 1 kilometer across on each average before they touch the next grid line…just like a big city block,” Waring said. “Very incredible ancient alien city that appears to be millions of years old. 100% proof that aliens once existed on Mars.”

According to Waring, NASA named the image as Atlantis Chassis. However, it isn’t clear if this is the actual name of the image or region. It is possible that Waring may have gotten confused with the name of the area because according to other sources such as Mars Anomalies, the photo features a region on the Red Planet known as Atlantis Chaos.

Atlantis Chaos Possible MSL Landling Site Near Atlantis Chaos Photo: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona