“Nashville” Season 5 might be happening after all. ABC canceled the show in May, forcing the Season 4 finale to be a series finale. But Lionsgate has been vocal about shopping the show to different networks, and new reports suggest CMT might step in to save it.

CMT is close to signing a deal to make a “Nashville” Season 5, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The network, whose name stands for Country Music Television, could make an official announcement during Wednesday’s CMT Awards.

That’s great news for Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) fans. The Season 4 finale ended with a cliffhanger where her private plane went missing. Producers chose that ending in hopes that “Nashville” would find a new home.

While fans are stoked that the show could be coming back, ABC did not cancel it without reason. It was losing viewers, and none of the big-name guest stars (like Kesha, Thomas Rhett or Elton John) could bring them back. “Nashville” has a few problems that CMT would need to fix.

CMT will likely have a smaller budget for “Nashville” since it's a basic cable network, and that might be a good thing if they downsize the cast. “Nashville” has so many characters and so many storylines that sometimes it’s hard to remember how this group is even connected. Even the Music City musicians who know each other barely share screen time. Rayna (Connie Britton) and Juliette only had a couple of scenes together, which seems odd for the two women with top billing on the show. CMT needs to focus in on the core group and lose all the superfluous characters.

When it comes to those characters’ storylines, it would be nice if the show was actually about the music business again. In early seasons, the drama was caused by the business. Rayna and Juliette had to tour together because of money issues. Juliette hiring Deacon (Charles Esten) as her guitarist caused stress. In the later seasons, the industry is less involved. It just seems like awful, dramatic things just happen to occur around people who record music.

Finally, they need to make sure their characters are growing. The musicians in “Nashville” seem to live by “old habits die hard.” Deacon’s confrontation with Frankie (Mark Collie) ends in a nasty fight. Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) immediately break up after their reunion. These are things we’ve seen the characters do many times before, and they need to grow out of these habits. No one wants to see storylines repeated.

Of course, CMT will first have to pick up the show if it wants to make any changes. No official announcements have been made yet.