The final season of “Nashville” isn’t over yet, but it is going on hiatus. Thursday’s episode will serve as the midseason finale, and the CMT drama will throw in some intense cliffhangers before leaving the airwaves.

“Daphne seeks to establish her career and auditions for a country music singing competition,” the Season 6, episode 8 synopsis teases.

In the last episode, viewers saw Daphne (Maisy Stella) contemplating joining Nashville Star, a signing competition run by Brad Maitland (Jeff Nordling), the crazy ex-husband who wants to destroy Jessie’s (Kaitlin Doubleday) life. Her stepfather clearly wanted Daphne in his competition, and the young singer doesn’t really understand why she should stay away from him.

Nashville 608 spoilers
Deacon will have trouble convincing Daphne to wait to start her music career in the midseason finale of CMT’s “Nashville.” CMT/Jake Giles Netter

Deacon (Charles Esten) won’t handle the news well. He wants to keep Daphne at home, living a normal life for as long as possible. Even Maddie (Lennon Stella) was a little older when she started releasing music.

In the trailer for the “Nashville” midseason finale, Deacon is angry after Daphne reveals the news. However, he’ll get even angrier with Brad later in the episode. The promo video shows Deacon and Brad getting physical, and that means trouble for Deacon, who has had a few too many run-ins with the law before.

Elsewhere, Scarlett (Clare Bowen) will continue working with the ranch and getting closer to Sean (Jake Etheridge). “Scarlett invites Sean to see live music,” the synopsis teases. Expect the night to get intense as Scarlett realizes the extent of the veteran’s PTSD.

Meanwhile, Avery (Jonathan Jackson) will return after Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) revealed that she won’t be coming home. She is staying with her cult in Bolivia. “Avery makes a decision,” the synopsis teases. Will Avery try to change Juliette’s mind or will he finally give up on her?

His personal life is terrible, but Avery’s career is actually flourishing. He and the band will be invited to perform on “The Chew,” but of course, there will still be issues with Will (Chris Carmack) and Alannah (Rainee Lyleson). However, it will be Will’s use of steroids that really cause trouble. “Will’s choice catches up with him,” the synopsis teases.

In the promo video above, Will is seen on the floor, and it doesn’t look like he’s just rocking out.

Don’t expect too much closure in this episode. The “Nashville” midseason finale will end with cliffhangers, leaving fans counting down the days until it returns in summer.

“Nashville” Season 6, episode 8 airs Thursday, Feb. 22 at 9 p.m. EST on CMT.

Nashville midseason finale
Scarlett tries to push a new friend in “Nashville” Season 6, episode 8. CMT/Jake Giles Netter
Nashville 608 photos
“Nashville” Season 6, episode 8 will show Daphne trying to pursue a music career. CMT/Jake Giles Netter
Nashville 608 Deacon
Deacon will have to figure out how to guide Daphne in “Nashville” Season 6, episode 8. CMT/Jake Giles Netter
Nashville midseason finale
The band will experience an emergency during a show in the midseason finale of “Nashville.” CMT/Jake Giles Netter