Happy National Awkward Moment Day! An unofficial holiday, the origins of this special day are unknown, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate. We scoured the deep, dark depths of the Internet for the most uncomfortable and embarrassing moments in reality TV history we could find. Check out 16 of our favorite awkward reality TV moments below:

1. Jessica Simpson's infamous “is this chicken or is this fish?” moment:

During the first season of "Newlyweds," Jessica Simpson hits husband Nick Lachey with the hard-hitting questions -- for instance, why tuna fish is called Chicken of the Sea.

2. Flavor of Love” epic spit fight:

A disagreement ensues during filming for the "Flavor of Love" reunion show, ending with the show's infamous bad girl, New York, spitting at Pumpkin.

3. Sirbrina lets it all hang out on “A Shot at Love II With Tila Tequila”:

While participating in a cage-dancing challenge, "A Shot at Love II With Tila Tequila" contestant Sirbrina decides to up her chances of winning by taking off her top.

4. Heather vs. Daisy on the Rock of Love” reunion:

An argument between "Rock of Love" contestants Heather and Daisy gets physical during the reunion special.

5. "Real Housewives of Atlanta" history lesson:

During a historical outing, Porsha Williams reveals to her cast mates that she thought the Underground Railroad was an actual train.

6. "RHOA's" Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams' famous hair-pulling incident:

Porsha Williams attacks Kenya Moore after the former Miss USA waves a scepter in her face while hurling insults.

7. Kyle Dunbar vs. Chris Nunez on “Ink Master”:

"Are you mad doggin' me?" "Ink Master" competitor Kyle Dunbar and judge Chris Nunez take their issues outside -- despite Nunez's attempts to keep things from escalating, Dunbar continues to press the issue.

8. Teen Mom 2” raw bacon feud:

Upset that his wife suggested they should seek therapy, "Teen Mom 2" star Jeremy Calvert slaps wife Leah Calvert with a slab of raw bacon.

9. Kris Jenner's allergic reaction on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”:

After eating something that doesn't agree with her, Kris Jenner is forced to spend part of her lavish vacation dealing with a majorly swollen lip.

10. Jon and Kate Gosselin awkwardly recall their first meeting:

The couple, who have since divorced, try unsuccessfully to agree on the details the led up to their initial meeting. All the while, Jon reveals just how little he had going for him during that time.

11. A “Chopped” contestant exchanges words with judges:

Things got weird on this episode of "Chopped" when a contestant retorts each of the judges observations about her food.

12. The most awkward pitch in “Dragons' Den” history:

A hopeful entrepreneur appears on the show "Dragons' Den" in the hopes of growing her all-female car repair business. Unfortunately, the name she's chosen for her shop bares a striking similarity to that of one of the dragons.

13. Jillian Anderson's epic fall on “The Bachelor”:

After going up to retrieve a rose meant for one of the other contestants, Jillian Anderson trips over a throw rug in front of her. We're not sure what was more awkward -- the fall or her recovery.

14. A first kiss on TLC's "Virgin Diaries":

One "Virgin Diaries" couple shares their incredibly sloppy first kiss at their wedding on "Virgin Diaries."

15. Antwane makes a startling discovery on "Catfish":

After looking to MTV "Catfish's" Nev Schulman and Max Joseph for answers, Antwane discovers his cousin has been using a fake Internet persona to get back at him all along.

16. Kim Richards flips on Lisa Rinna on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills":

While driving to Eileen Davidson's poker party, Kim exhibits some strange behavior, raising concern with Rinna.

BONUS: A very special guest caller on "Talking Dead":

Who can forget "Bob from Chattanooga?" While "The Talking Dead" isn't a reality TV show, we couldn't not include this clip. The mysterious caller still gets brought up on new episodes of the talk show.