National French Fry Day is celebrated on Wednesday and many restaurants are offering deals to customers.

It is beleived that Americans discovered French fries during World War I when U.S. soldiers were in Belgium and since the dominant language of southern Belgium is French thats where the soldiers got "French" fries.

French fries have also become a staple in American dishes as a classic side with burgers, steaks, chicken fingers and more. Potatoes are among the least nutritious vegetables. When they are deep-fried, they are even more unhealthy.

Yet, it is basically undeniable that fries are a tasty treat.


Hamburger giant McDonald's is giving away free large orders of fries with no purchase necessary on Wednesday when ordered through its mobile app.


Wendy’s announced that it will be celebrating fry day this year with “fry week.” For every day this week, the fast-food chain will offer a free potato-inspired product. The only catch is it must be ordered through it must also be ordered through its mobile app.

Monday, 7/11: FREE Medium Fry with any Frosty

Tuesday, 7/12: FREE Medium Fry with any Salad

Wednesday, 7/13: FREE Any Size Fry

Thursday, 7/14: FREE Small Breakfast Seasoned Potatoes (aka Breakfast FryDay)

Friday, 7/15: FREE Medium Fry with any size Fry

Checkers and Rally’s

These restaurant chains are firm believers that National Fry Day should literally be held on “Friday.” To get free fries from these places all you have to do is sign a petition intended to convince Fry Day founder Marlo Anderson that the celebration should always fall on a Friday. A voucher will be given for the free fries that can be used until Friday.


Fatburger, which has most of its locations on the West Coast, will also be celebrating Fry Day for a longer period of time. A free fry with any purchase will be available from Wednesday to July 19.

Use the code FrenchFryDay22 online or mention the offer in the store.

White Castle

White Castle, which has a strong presence in the New York area and Midwest, is giving away a small order of free fries with any purchase with a coupon available on its website.