Frozen yogurt is eaten all over the world as a healthier replacement for ice cream. It's pretty good for a frozen treat considering its ability to help cut body fat. Just like ice cream, frozen yogurt is served in as many flavors and varieties and brings endless health benefits.

While ice creams are sweet to taste, frozen yogurt has a slightly tarty aftertaste that can be a turnoff for some. But a scoop of yogurt with healthy toppings is enough to qualify as a healthy food. And a crucial thing that makes frozen yogurts a class apart from ice creams-- they contain probiotics. Made up of good bacteria, probiotics help your body function well and uplift your mood.

National Frozen Yogurt Day, which is observed on Feb. 6, honors the tangy treat. While we're no strangers to a scoop of the delight being served with varied toppings, some typically suggested ones for frozen yogurts are hazelnuts, mochi, and Nutella. However, there are plenty of other ways one can make a dollop of frozen yogurt a powerhouse of health. Below are some toppings that go really well with the delicacy and bring out the best of it.

Fresh fruits: Nothing compares to fresh fruits in terms of health. Even though fruits contain a lot of sugar, picking the ones with Vitamin C can result in a glowing complexion. Some freshly cut fruits such as sliced strawberries, pineapples, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, coconut, and bananas are the best options to top frozen yogurt.

Nuts: Those who swear by plant-based nutrition will definitely leap at this. Nuts are known to be more calorie-dense than fruits and other healthy toppings and they also have a lot of protein. ping your bowl of frozen yogurt with almonds, pistachios or pumpkin seeds will enhance its health value. Always check the recommended serving size before going about it.

Cereals: Adding cereals atop a bowl of frozen yogurt makes for a filling snack that keeps you going for long. Say no to nasty calories and try having some cereals with yogurt to keep your health in check and limit unnecessary weight gain.

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