National Immigration Day is celebrates annually in the United States on Oct. 28 to highlight the experiences and the spirit of immigrants and raise awareness about the challenges they face.

The day gives people an opportunity to come together to pledge their support and make a difference in the lives of immigrants.

On this day, here are a few quotes to highlight the issues immigrants face, courtesy Good Reads -

  • "All Americans have something lonely about them. I don't know what the reason might be, except maybe that they're all descended from immigrants." ― Ryū Murakami
  • "For most immigrants, moving to the new country is an act of faith. Even if you've heard stories of safety, opportunity, and prosperity, it's still a leap to remove yourself from your own language, people, and country. Your own history. What if the stories weren't true? What if you couldn't adapt? What if you weren't wanted in the new country?" ― Nicola Yoon
  • "They shouldnt teach their immigrants' kids all about democracy unless they mean to let them have a little bit of it, it ony makes for trouble. Me and the United States is dissociating our alliance as of right now, until the United States can find time to read its own textbooks a little." ― James Jones
  • "Immigrant parents, when they first move to North America, push towards whiteness, towards assimilation, to survive and thrive. Naturally, their children do too for the first half of their lives. This usually tips the other way, but before we're taught anything, we're taught to hide." ― Scaachi Koul
  • "He had come to America, haven of peace and liberty, and it, too, was joining the slaughter, fighting for the big capitalists. There was no peace for men, only murder, cruelty, brutality." ― James T. Farrell
U.S. Customs and Immigration
A sign for the U.S. Customs and Immigration Otay Mesa Detention facility is shown in Otay Mesa, California, March 28, 2017. Reuters/Mike Blake