National Jukebox Day is observed a day before Thanksgiving every year to celebrate the device that brings music into people's lives in a very special way.

The best way to celebrate the occasion is by heading to the nearest bar or restaurant that has a jukebox and playing recordings from its list. You can even sip a drink as you listen to the nostalgia-evoking music produced by the machine.

On this special day, let's take a look at a few quotes about this device that remains close to the heart of many music lovers. (Courtesy: AZ Quotes and Quote Stats)

  • "It's important to realize that everybody who went into country music, and most everybody who went into rock and roll in the '50s, they had no more goal than a hit on the jukebox. Johnny Cash from the very beginning had a goal that he wanted to make music that lifted people's spirits." — Robert Hilburn
  • "Over to the jukebox I staggered for a love song to scatter my body before her." — Kim Mitchel
  • "Ninety-nine percent of the world's lovers are not with their first choice. That's what makes the jukebox play." — Willie Nelson
  • "For a long time, my subconscious rested in a dark place, ticking through memories like a jukebox selecting a record ... " — Chelsie Shakespeare
  • "I pushed through the door into Kelly's. Inside they sat with their fat hands around their beers while the jukebox sang softly to itself. You'd think they'd found out how, by sitting still and holding their necks just so, to look down into lost worlds." — Denis Johnson
  • "All you need is a pool table, beer, an electric jukebox and good conversation. The day a girl beats me in a game of Beirut [a kind of beer pong] is a good sign!" — Chase Crawford 
  • "All summer long we spent dancin' in the sand, and the jukebox kept on playing 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.' Tonight the song you always despised strides from the jukebox full-bodied and you hear the lyrics for the first time, understand the lyrics for the first time after all these years. This new you with an older soul. Now it's your favorite. All this time singing the wrong words." — Colson Whitehead

Electric Jukebox Music Streaming on TV The Electric Jukebox promises to bring music streaming to the masses by turning the TV into a music center for the home. Photo: David Gilbert/International Business Times