Everyday people across the world dust their shelves, do their laundry and wipe down their kitchens just for all of it to get dirty again. It’s not criminal to hate cleaning or doing other household chores as mostly they are never-ending thankless tasks.

Being disinterested in the sanitary needs of the house is not wise, but postponing the chores for a day can be fun. National No Housework Day, which falls on April 7 annually, encourages people to delay the cleaning and organizing for a day, so that they can put up their feet and relax.

So, this National No Housework Day, ignore the cluttered table, leave the unwashed dishes in the sink, banish the vacuum cleaner and the mop to the closet and maybe spend time cuddling with your pet, children, or partner. Hitting the pause button is good for mental health, after all.

History of the day

Household work was commonly perceived as a woman's job in the nineteenth century, while men earned a livelihood. Women had to work around the clock without the help of electronic appliances to live up to the high standards of cleanliness. With household work becoming so ingrained in our lives, Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs created this holiday to encourage people to “leave it all for tomorrow.”

How to observe the National No Housework Day

  • There have been days when you have had to force yourself to do the laundry even though you would rather have watched your favorite show. Schedule the pending household works for April 8, and probably binge-watch a television series you have been saving for a long time.
  • Spend the day giving your pet extra cuddles. You can deal with all the pet hair the next day.
  • Pick a good book that has been sitting on the shelf and craving your attention. You can even play your favorite musical instrument.
  • Spend time with your family, doing something you all enjoy like watching a movie. You can even let your kids play with all the Play-Doh or Legos without worrying about cleaning it up immediately.
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