National Rum Day is celebrated on Aug. 16 to appreciate one of the most popular liquors in America.

Rum is a clear alcoholic beverage made by fermenting and then distilling sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice. The distillate is then aged in barrels before they are bottled. The Caribbean countries and the countries in North and South American are the major producers of rum.

The word rum is believed to have come from "rumbullion," a beverage made from boiling sugarcane stalks. Some people believe that the word rum comes from the word "rumbustion," which was a slang word for "uproar" or "tumult."

In addition to the rich flavor and the smooth texture of the liquor, Rum connoisseurs believe that it also has many health benefits. Rum is considered useful in treating a cold or relieving muscular pain. It is also considered beneficial to combat heart diseases by acting as blood thinners.

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Take a look at some of the interesting facts about rum:

  1. Rum is the first alcohol that was produced and consumed for non-medicinal purposes.
  2. During the 18th century, rum was considered part of the benefits package for sailors in place of currency.
  3. Rum contains between 70-110 calories per 1.5 fluid ounce shot depending on the brand.
  4. Rum was given out as a ration for Royal Navy before 1970, as it was found effective in fighting off scurvy but later got banned as consuming rum would lead to unsteady hands while using machinery.
  5. In the 18th century, rum was used by women in treating hair fall and as a remedy for improving the quality, strength and thickness of hair.
  6. Rum is the third most popular spirit in the United States after Vodka and Whiskeys.
  7. An opened bottle of rum should be consumed within six months for the best flavor.
  8. Once bottled, rum does not improve with age.

Here are some interesting quotes about rum on National Rum Day:

  1. "Drinking rum before 10 am makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic."-Granger Smith
  2. "I lived on rum, I tell you. It's been meat and drink, and man and wife, to me."-Robert Louis Stevenson
  3. "Rum is tonic that clarifies the vision and sets things in true perspective."-Brian D'Ambrosio
  4. "Best ideas come while sipping rum."-Pavol Kazimir
  5. "My indulgences are Skittles and rum raisin ice cream."-Sanya Richards-Ross