National Smoothie Day is marked on June 21, the first day of official summer in the United States, to celebrate one of the most popular summer drinks in the country.

The term smoothie was used in trademarks and recipes by the mid-1930s. The health stores on the west coast of the United States began selling smoothies with the invention of blenders. By the early 2000s, the green smoothies gained popularity after people started blending healthy green leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach.

Smoothies are not just meant for summers. They can be taken as an easy breakfast on the go or as a post-workout booster drink. Some people drink healthy smoothies to ensure they get enough nutrients during weight loss programs. A smoothie rich in fruits and veggies will ensure adequate nutrient intake while keeping calories at bay.

This refreshing drink is typically made by blending fruits, vegetables, grains, yogurt and ice into a thick creamy consistency. Smoothies became popular because they are portable and modifiable for any taste or dietary preference.

With very less ingredients and no actual cooking involved, you can make these easy drinks in no time.  

smoothies-2253423_640 representational image. Photo: pixabay

Here are few healthy smoothies to cool you down this summer: 

1. Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothie

Treat yourself to a flavorful smoothie for breakfast by combining the goodness of fruits rich in Vitamin C and potassium 


1 banana

1 kiwi fruit

5 frozen whole strawberries

1 and 1/4 cup apple juice

1 and 1/2 tsp honey

Directions: Slice the fruits, combine the sliced fruits with apple juice and honey in a blender. Puree until thick and smooth. Pour it into tall glasses and serve.  Courtesy: Prevention

2. Raspberry-lemonade smoothie

This refreshing smoothie can be served as an alternative to traditional lemonade. Serves 6-8. 


1 can lemonade concentrate (frozen or thawed)

1 and 1/2 cans water

2 cups frozen raspberries

1/4th cup sugar

4 cups ice - adjust the measurement depending on the consistency you would like

Fresh lemons - optional

Directions: Mix all the ingredients except fresh lemon in a blender. Garnish the smoothie with fresh lemon.  Courtesy: High heel and grills

3.  Blueberry-Spinach smoothie

This is a recipe for high-protein, fruit and veggies-packed smoothie. This smoothie helps you to combine the goodness of blueberries, spinach, bananas, strawberries and greek yogurt. Serves 2. 


2/3rd cup plain greek yogurt

1 ripe banana

2/3rd cups frozen blueberries

2 large frozen strawberries

1 cup spinach leaves

Half cup milk of choice (dairy, coconut, soy, almond)

2 tsp protein powder

1 tbsp honey or to taste

Directions: Blend all the ingredients until smooth. Adjust the consistency with more milk if you like. Pour in two glasses and serve. Courtesy: Alaska from Scratch