CBS’ “NCIS” has changed its team’s dynamics. The long-running crime procedural added two new agents – Jennifer Esposito’s Alex Quinn and Wilmer Valderrama’s Nick Torres – to replace DiNozzo. Season 14, episode 2 saw Gibbs’ altered team solve their first case in which a man was murdered at his high school reunion. Now that the team has found its groove, it’s back to solving cases.

“NCIS” Season 14, episode 3 will see Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) team solve a complex case. According to the synopsis of “Privileged Information” on SpoilerTV, the NCIS agents will be called to investigate a marine sergeant’s tragic fall from a building. This sergeant mysteriously fell from multiple stories. On the surface, it looks like a suicide. But investigations reveal that it wasn’t.

Watch the trailer of the upcoming “NCIS” episode on CBS below:

Gibbs and his team learn that the murder victim was seeing a doctor named Grace Confalone (Laura San Giacomo). She risks breaking patient-doctor confidentiality agreement to confide in the team’s leader that her patient was murdered. She tells Mark Harmon’s character to treat this case as a murder investigation rather than a suicide case.

Episode 3 won’t be all serious. The promo suggests that there will be plenty of Abby (Pauley Perrette) running around the orange room. She will infuse humor with her pet bird who, sometime during the episode, manages to escape his cage. Additionally, the pet bird/parrot says “Don’t tell Gibbs” when Gibbs stops by in the lab.

Moreover, Joe Spano will be back in his role as Senior FBI Agent Fornell. He is Gibbs’ new roommate and has been recuperating from his injuries in the NCIS agent’s apartment.

Episode 3 will also see Torres searching for a place to live.

Watch “NCIS” Season 14, episode 3 on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.