The “NCIS” Season 14 premiere kicked off with fans being introduced to DiNozzo’s replacements – Jennifer Esposito’s Alex Quinn and Wilmer Valderrama’s Nick Torres. The CBS series’ second episode saw Gibbs’ new team solve their first case and boy what a case it was!

Here’s what happened in “NCIS” Season 14, episode 2 “Being Bad”:

A Murder

Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) team is called to investigate a death in a high school reunion. A man named James Bruno got in a fight with a former Special Forces, collapsed and died. Upon investigation, it is revealed that Bruno had a bomb with him that could easily wipe out all his former classmates at the reunion. The team also learns that he had a bad reputation in high school. But who murdered him?

The team wastes no time in examining the crime scene and the place he stayed in – a room that he rented from one of his former substitute teachers.

McGee (Sean Murray) track the landlady/teacher down and find out that she is deaf and blind. So she isn’t a great witness. However, the team examines his room and learns that he was part of a massive theft ring operation. While examining the room, they notice a woman riding her bike outside his residence. Of course, they take this woman in for questioning.

The woman’s name is Angela and she says that her friend Bruno was only a thief and wouldn’t murder people.

NCIS CBS Alex Quinn and Nick Torres work their first case as a part of Gibbs’ team in “NCIS” Season 14, episode 2. Photo: CBS

Abby Recalls Her High School Past

While solving the case in “NCIS” Season 14, episode 2, Abby (Pauley Perrette) recalls how she fell in love with blood spatter and goth fashion in high school. Of course, this combination also meant that she was very lonely and had no friends. Poor Abby.

Back to the case, the forensic expert declares that Bruno was trying to quit smoking and the killer knew that because his nicotine patch was filled with poison.

High School Detention Leads To A Plan

So who was part of the theft ring? Investigations reveal that Bruno was once in detention with prom queen Katrina, her now husband and former athlete Adam Cooper, Angela and Neal. Together, they hatched a plan to steal from rich people.

Torres and Bishop (Emily Wickersham) head to the Cooper residence where Katrina denies ever being part of a theft ring or murdering Bruno. Just when the NCIS Agents are leaving, they hear a shot and find Neal dead with a note. In it, he confesses to being a burglar. He explained that Angela fenced the place before the theft, Katrina flirted her way into their homes, Bruno did the burglaries and Neal handled the accounting side.

James Bruno Is Actually A Good Guy

The only person left to question is Adam who reveals that the team recently stole a very expensive painting. They weren’t going to kill anybody and Bruno was actually a good person. He made the bomb in such a way that it would never explode.

A Surprising Twist

Abby pulls in a security camera that shows footage of Bruno being hit by a teacher. This mean teacher reveals that he made his life difficult in detention hence he paid back by assaulting him. However, this teacher was ashamed of his actions and went to apologize to him. When he reached his apartment, the blind and deaf landlady noticed the bruises on his hands and said she would call the police. Wait a minute! Isn’t the lady blind and deaf?

Turns out she isn’t, and the NCIS team catches her loading the expensive painting in a van. Case solved!

Torres Loves To Dance

The team celebrates their victory with Torres putting a little Cuban music. There’s no denying this team has found its groove.

“NCIS” Season 14 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.