Neil Patrick Harris paid tribute to the Oscar nominated "Birdman" during the 87th Academy Awards. Reuters

In his first tenure as Oscars host, we’ve watched Neil Patrick Harris sing, dance and crack jokes. But he’s making the 87th Academy Awards one for the books. In one extended tribute to best picture nominee, “Birdman,” Neil Patrick stripped down to reenact one of the movie’s most memorable moments.

In one tense scene from “Birdman,” actor Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) is locked out of his theater mid-performance. His robe is stuck in the stage door, locked without a way backstage. Thomson leaves his robes behind and charges into Times Sq to enter his theater in mid-performance in nothing but his briefs.

Neil Patrick Harris loyally recreated the cringe worthy scene for the 87th Academy Awards telecast. Leaving behind his robe in a locked door from a botched costume change, he made his way from the back of the Dolby Theater to the Oscars stage, passing paparazzi and surprised looking guests. If this isn’t the strangest thing to happen at the Oscars, the night is young!

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